Business challenge:

Viking Range Corp. relied on multiple Sun Microsystems servers running Oracle E-Business Suite and Oracle Database software for business-critical applications. The multi-tiered, complexly configured architecture had reached the limits of its capacity, which led to a reduction in performance and high operation and maintenance costs. Therefore, the company wanted to migrate its Oracle applications and database to a robust new server platform to accommodate business growth and software upgrades. Moving forward, Viking Range sought a reliable partner that would perform server consolidation and cross-platform migration.


To achieve its goals, Viking Range engaged IBM Advanced Business Partner FamSoft to consolidate its numerous Sun Microsystems servers onto IBM Power 750 Express servers with separate logical partitions (LPARs) running the IBM AIX 6 operating system. The business partner provided remote operation to help the client migrate its Oracle applications and database to the new Power Systems platform. With POWER7 processor technology, the new Power Systems servers deliver increased processing power and speed to manage the client's workloads.


  • Reduced its physical server count and rack space while improving availability, scalability and security.
  • Reduced power consumption by 75 percent and cut operation and maintenance costs, thus achieving a lower total cost of ownership (TCO).
  • Offers tremendous configuration flexibility capable of supporting the client's future growth and software upgrades.
  • Carried out the migration services remotely so that no travel costs were involved, allowing Viking Range to reduce migration costs to meet its budget and get its applications and database up and running on time without affecting its business.

Famsoft's data migration methodology and their proprietary software for migration and validation of data were the key elements for a successful migration of business application databases including Netflix's web site and Oracle 11i applications.
-VP, IT Operations (Netflix, Inc.)

FamSoft and the Marshfield business unit have worked successfully together over the last 6 years. FamSoft employees worked diligently on the 2000 engagement and were instrumental to our success in implementing stand-alone functionality. This was consistent with previous experiences that included Oracle application setup and complex custom development during the implementation of Oracle Applications and customizations in 1995-1997, upgrades from Oracle 10.5 to 10.7 in 1998, and Y2K conversions in 1999.
-Information Manager (Marshfield Door Systems)

During the second half of the year 2000, FAMSOFT managed the process of converting our Oracle applications to multi-organizational functionality and adding a new business unit. As in the past, we are very appreciative of the expert and professional abilities they continue to demonstrate. In the future, I have no doubt we will call on them again when the need arises.
-IT Business Analyst (Marshfield Door Systems)

In the future when we need to do another upgrade, FAMSOFT will be the organization we will call first
-Information Manager (Weyerhaeuser Door Division)

I would not hesitate to recommend FAMSOFT for any Oracle Project.
-Financial Manager (Boole & Babbage)