Infrastructure Admin II

All courses are available for online training as well as instructor-led training!


Based on years of knowledge and experience in the IT industry, Famsoft has designed the Infrastructure Administration 2 program to give you an edge over others in the job market. We realized that no matter how low the economy goes, the industry could never run without some key professionals. The key roles include system administrators that take care of the proper running of systems, information security professionals that take care of the security of companies and database administrators who ensure the proper running of databases.

This program prepares its students for the following certification exams: SCSA I, SCSA II, SQL FUNDAMENTALS, ORACLE ADMINISTRATION I, ORACLE ADMINISTRATION II, CISSP, RedHat System Administration, Oracle EBS R12 Certified Expert, Oracle EBS R12: System Administration and Oracle EBS R12: Install, Patch and Maintain Applications. In the absence of experience, certification is the next best indicator of one's competency. As an entry-level applicant you have nothing to vouch for your competency except for the certifications. Certifications give potential employers confidence that applicants will bring to the job the knowledge their resumes promise.

The Infrastructure Administration II is an eighteen month career builder for those aspiring to gain multiple skill sets.The program covers a total of 600 hours of instructor led training and over 2000 hours of lab time.

The courses included in this program are:

1. Unix System Administration

2. Linux System Administration

3. Oracle Database Administration

4. Oracle Apps Database Administration

5. Information Security Management