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Famsoft excels in assisting customers migrate their applications and databases from one platform to another. Our forte is in migrating customers to IBM platform from Sun and HP platforms. Over the years, we have developed a low risk, high success methodology for executing cross-platform migrations based upon which we have successfully migrated several customers to IBM platform.

Famsoft is an IBM certified Migration Partner. Famsoft's Data Migration team is trained and certified by IBM Migration Factory to use IBM's data migration tool, XenoBridge, which makes migration of data to IBM significantly faster while reducing, even eliminating, most technical risks for database migrations because of the workflow built into the tool and the multiple layers of validation used to ensure the target database is an exact logical copy of the source database. We have successfully performed many migrations to IBM from SUN and HP utilizing XenoBridge at several high profile accounts. We have the expertise to take existing mission critical databases and applications such as Oracle, SAP and other applications running on Sun/HP platforms to a better performing IBM system.

As companies grow, they are frequently faced with the issue of increasing data. They want to have better systems, those that are more stable, powerful and secure. There are a number of hardware choices available in the market today. Famsoft helps businesses decide which hardware would be a better business decision for them. We take into account their current infrastructure, business model and future business expansion plan. The most important question that comes up during the hardware purchase or lease is what does it take to migrate the company’s vital data onto the new hardware? How much does it cost? How long does it take? After the migration how sure are we of the data validation?

As a company that has been helping businesses with data migration, Famsoft can help you decide what is the best hardware choice for you and also help with the migration. The solution is designed to accomplish the following:

  • Migrate mission-critical Oracle databases and applications from one operating system platform to another in a very short period of time.

  • Facilitate the collection of processes and procedures for converting the data in the source database to reflect a specific release of the destination database server independent of the platform.

  • Cover the complete lifecycle of the migration process which includes preparation for migration, preservation of the destination database, data migration from the source database to the destination database and post-migration maintenance tasks.

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"Famsoft was selected by Netflix to migrate key Oracle databases and applications from Sun Solaris to IBM's AIX operating system. Famsoft was selected for this project because of their proven experience in migrating cross-platform, mission-critical Oracle databases in a relatively short period of time. The database migration project was a complete success. All critical databases supporting Netflix's business applications were migrated without any issues. Famsoft's data migration methodology and their proprietary software for migration and validation of data were the key elements for a successful migration of business application databases including Netflix's web site and Oracle 11i applications." VP, IT Operations, Netflix, Inc.

"Viking Range engaged IBM Advanced Business Partner FamSoft to consolidate its numerous Sun Microsystems servers onto IBM Power 750 Express servers with separate logical partitions (LPARs) running the IBM AIX 6 operating system. The business partner provided remote operation to help the client migrate its Oracle applications and database to the new Power Systems platform. With POWER7 processor technology, the new Power Systems servers deliver increased processing power and speed to manage the client's workloads." Director, IT, Viking Range Corporation

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