M&A Integration - Cloud Application


Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) Solution: ManageM&A™

Famsoft has been providing M&A consulting services to clients over a decade. Our resources are industry experts who have years of experience in conducting due diligence, planning and executing Day 1 activities, and strategizing and successfully executing Post-merger integration. Some of the companies that our resources were involved in include Weyerhaeuser, Boole and Babbage, Sun Microsystems, Symantec, Veritas, VMware. Our philosophy is straightforward: to successfully execute merger or acquisition, businesses must adopt a repeatable M&A process that can address a range of issues – strategic, operational, and financial–in an integrated way throughout all phases of the deal.

In order to provide businesses with an integrated, repeatable process to successfully manage and execute M&A deals, Famsoft has developed a cloud based ManageM&A™ application to:

     1. Plan and execute integration activities effectively across all cross-functional teams

     2. Manage, monitor and report integration activities for acquired companies

     3. Provide dashboard for the executive team members

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