Famsoft specializes in providing relational database administration services to clients across all industries. Our services start with a comprehensive analysis of your existing system. We assist customers in automating many routine database monitoring and alert tasks. The main objective of the Famsoft’s database services group is to ensure that your databases are up and running during your business hours.

Famsoft has been providing services for the following databases:

  • Oracle
  • SQL Server
  • DB2

Famsoft offers customers both onsite and remote database administration services. For more information about our remote database services, see Famsoft's AvailDBA services.

Some of the advantages of having Famsoft’s DBA service are:

  • High Quality - Our expert Database Administrators are very efficient at handling any size databases. Because of our extensive experience with automating database administration tasks, we are able to offer professional support. Our in house training programs for Database Administrators ensure that you get the most from your database investment.
  • High Availability - With remote DBA support you can be assured that your database is being supported by competent professionals who are familiar with your database. You can be assured that you get comprehensive 24/7 service.
  • Focus on your core competency - Let us worry about the technical details of your database while you concentrate efforts on improving your core business.
  • We are database experts - We don't just administer databases. Our expertise extends to every facet of database operation, including disaster recovery services, failover strategies, crashed database recovery to name a few.