Managed Support

Famsoft offers comprehensive System, Database and ERP remote support on a 24x7 basis as a convenient and cost effective solution to your company's needs for IT support needs. These services enable Famsoft Support Analysts working remotely to monitor events on your server and receive proactive notifications of unusual events thereby allowing early correction of potential problems. As part of these services, we render interactive support as well as advice on system performance and capacity planning.

Famsoft offers a high level of service for the smooth operation of systems, databases and ERP, using the remote support models, AvailDBA (Famsoft remote database support), AvailSYS (Famsoft remote system support) and AvailERP (Famsoft remote ERP support). The Flexibility of Famsoft's remote offerings makes it a viable option for a variety of customer needs. For example, AvailDBA, our DBA remote support can aid a customer's current DBA or serve as customer's entire DBA staff. It can even be used to assist customer's DBA to focus on functions of higher priority by taking over the responsibility of routine monitoring and preventive maintenance of the database. This is more efficient and economical, and can be a valuable asset in problem resolution with independent software vendors (ISV) for logging incident reports, obtaining patches, analyzing and deploying them. Famsoft provides the necessary level of expertise required to ask the right questions and to carry out instructions to quickly resolve issues.

As part of the AvailERP offering, Famsoft provides 24x7 remote ERP functional and technical support services for SAP, Oracle EBS, JDE, Peoplesoft or Microsoft Dynamics. Our professionals are certified, experienced and efficient. With your systems, databases and ERP in the hands of our experts, you can rest assured and focus on enhancing your offerings.

We also specialize in developing and implementing RICE - Reports, Interfaces, Conversions and Extensions. We take pride in providing our customers quick access to programmers on a 24x7 basis.

Famsoft support models are:

Whether your company is large or small, these support models will increase your efficiency thereby improving your return on IT investment.


"In 2003, Marshfield DoorSystems selected Famsoft for their 2004 managed service provider. Famsoft demonstrated proven, low overhead operating system and database management products and the additional resource depth needed to assist with our Oracle ERP suite through upgrades and acquisitions. More importantly, Famsoft demonstrated a willingness to go beyond the support needs listed in our request for proposal and include value-added features that others did not. We are already experiencing positive returns from this through their service migration support team. Famsoft represents a definite win for Marshfield DoorSystems efforts in improving the value received from UNIX and Oracle managed support services." Information Manager (Marshfield DoorSystems)

Our Experience

Famsoft has many years of experience in providing our customers services and solutions specific to their business needs utilizing the following technologies:

Customer Testimonials

"Throughout the course of the various engagements that ran in parallel, we found the Famsoft teams to be highly skilled, dependable, motivated and willing to assist with any task. I would highly recommend them for any database, applications and training development as well as delivery work."

Manette Chadwick, Sr. Manager, Systems Instructional Design and Development, Sun Microsystems

"UNIX and Oracle support and administration no longer require the weekly meetings and constant reprioritization and negotiation of support associated with past providers. This has provided the gift of time, freeing up Marshfield DoorSystems resources to work on value added activities by spending less time coordinating utility services. I would highly recommend FamSoft services to anyone considering a movement into managed services."

Dave Bredendick, IT Manager, Marshfield DoorSystems

"Famsoft has a team of resourceful, creative and solution-oriented team that worked diligently during the term of the engagement. The team’s working attitude and quick problem solving approach were worth applauding. I strongly recommend Famsoft for any Oracle database migration project."

Mike Osier, VP, IT Operations, Netflix

Services & Solutions

Famsoft provides companies across all industries with complete "turn-key" services and solutions to meet their business requirements.

Managed Support

Famsoft provides Managed Support Services to keep your business running smoothly.

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Infrastructure Support

Famsoft provides Infrastructure Support for small, medium and large enterprises.

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Oracle E-Business Suite

Famsoft assists in implementing, upgrading and customizing Oracle E-Business Suite.

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Famsoft assists in planning, implementing and customizing SAP HANA.

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IT Assessments

Famsoft provides IT Infrastructure services to clients across all industries.

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Famsoft provides monitoring, threat and vulnerability management, pen testing, and risk assessment .

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