M&A Integration

Famsoft has been providing assistance to companies in M&A integration for over a decade. Our resources are quite experienced in integrating acquired companies into the source company infrastructure. Our Integration team has a broad range of expertise and experience in delivering solutions integrating applications running in different environments.

Famsoft's "turnkey" approach to managing and completing M&A integration projects include:

  • Conducting Due Diligence
  • Preparing IT integration budget for the department and/or company
  • Preparing for the Day 1 activities
  • Planning and executing the integration activities
  • Coordinating different activities of all cross-functional teams involved
  • Running integration meetings with different cross-functional teams
  • Providing weekly status reports to Corporate Development/Integration Sponsors
  • Completing the M&A integration project successfully, on time and within the allocated budget

Famsoft has designed a complete end to end M&A integration application which is cloud based and provides all cross-functional teams involved in the integration activities, the ability to create project tasks, define integration budgets, upload documents, share documents with different users in other departments, checkin/checkout documents for version control and report real-time status with color codes for easy understanding of the integration status. It provides executive sponsors/corporate development complete visibility on the overall integration with a dashboard for real-time status of all cross-functional teams involved in the integration. To protect the confidentiality of M&A deals, the application goes with the deal name code and does not need the actual name of the company being acquired. For further security, it can be setup in a private cloud to avoid multi-tenancy concerns, if any, of the public cloud.

This application can lower the cost of integration by automating lot of tasks and eliminating the need to have Microsoft Project, Excel, Word and SharePoint, by providing a common platform for all users from different cross-functional teams to work in a real-time and transparent environment. It isn't IT centric but has the functionality for all groups involved in the integration. The application is available for a 90 day, no obligation trial. Contact us for more information.

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