Customer Testimonials

"Throughout the course of the various engagements that ran in parallel, we found the Famsoft teams to be highly skilled, dependable, motivated and willing to assist with any task. I would highly recommend them for any database, applications and training development as well as delivery work."

Manette Chadwick, Sr. Manager, Systems Instructional Design and Development, Sun Microsystems

"UNIX and Oracle support and administration no longer require the weekly meetings and constant reprioritization and negotiation of support associated with past providers. This has provided the gift of time, freeing up Marshfield DoorSystems resources to work on value added activities by spending less time coordinating utility services. I would highly recommend FamSoft services to anyone considering a movement into managed services."

Dave Bredendick, IT Manager, Marshfield DoorSystems

"Deliverables were completed on time, allowing for the successful startup of Marshfield Door Systems as a new business entity. FamSoft employees worked diligently on the engagement and were instrumental to our success in implementing stand-alone functionality."

David C. Bredendick, Information Technology Manager, Marshfield DoorSystems

"Famsoft has a team of resourceful, creative and solution-oriented team that worked diligently during the term of the engagement. The team’s working attitude and quick problem solving approach were worth applauding. I strongly recommend Famsoft for any Oracle database migration project."

Mike Osier, VP, IT Operations, Netflix

"I engaged Famsoft for remote support of Oracle databases and Oracle EBS applications including iStore in April 2008 until the change of Management at Spectrum in September 2010. During this period I had a chance to interact with their support team and management. I found Famsoft to be very responsive, proactive and thorough with their approach to resolving any issues with our systems. I highly recommend them for any remote support engagement."

Nasser Dastmalchi, VP of Spectrum Chemicals

"When they came in the morning after the upgrade, the system was working and the users were able to do their work without a hitch. This experience was a tribute to the work that Famsoft did."

Lee Kirchman, Information Manager, Weyerhaeuser Door Division

"I would not hesitate to recommend FAMSOFT for any Oracle Project."

Nancy Emro, Financial Manager, Boole & Babbage