Continuous Security Monitoring

Periodic security analysis is not sufficient to uncover any sophisticated attack that may lurk deep beneath the surface. In order to neutralize potential threats before they sabotage your operations, continuous monitoring is necessary.

Famsoft provides continuous security monitoring services to fortify the security of your enterprise environment. Using proprietary automation tools, we provide organizations a viable alternative to the traditional assessment process with perpetual monitoring of your systems. This ensures enhanced situational awareness.

Famsoft’s continuous monitoring service offers a scalable solution that is all-inclusive as it covers the security of all devices on your network. By continuously monitoring your environment, we fix threats, avoid operational disruptions, and safeguard your applications and data.

Famsoft provides:

  • Real-time strategic insight into risk by certified professionals
  • Streamlined processes for continuous monitoring and deeper assessment
  • Proactively mitigate risk by minimizing vulnerability exploitation time-frames

Famsoft SOC center is equipped with state of the art tools and our information security team monitors and analyzes your security situation on a continuous basis. Our SOC team monitors your internal and external environment to zoom in on vulnerabilities and take steps to close those gaps.

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