Hardware Testing

Famsoft hardware QA testing solutions pinpoint design risks and issues through design validation (including RF validation and signal integrity), standards compliance, reliability and component compatibility testing. It aims at minimizing hardware design bugs prior to manufacturing.

Famsoft helps you with hardware design validation by providing professional testing resources when you need them most. Insightful test professionals troubleshoot the issues to resolve the problems. Our detailed test reports empower clients to arrive at the most optimal solutions for their products. Our hardware design validation services include component, signal, and RF validation. Signal validation includes measuring power, validating display, I/O, ethernet, cable connection, memory and component interfaces. Component validation ensures component compatibility and product quality. RF validation aims at providing a better user experience. Famsoft professionals measure RF noise and analysis based on different wireless configurations. The RF validation services also include antenna and RF performance measurement, and embedded module verification. The reliability testing includes testing in harsh environments, thermal, humidity and vibration and shock testing. The standards compliance testing detects any violations from standards specifications in the product. Famsoft professionals also conduct load and performance testing to ensure product quality. Famsoft assists customers in conducting QA testing on a variety of mobile, wireless and satellite networks.

Devices & Technologies:

Devices Smartphones, Tablets, Laptops, Personal Computers, IoT
Mobile/OS Platforms iOS, Android, Windows, macOS, Linux and Embedded Systems
Wireless Data Networks Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Cellular Data


  • Expert professionals in emerging mobile needs
  • Fully equipped to evaluate and verify mobile wireless software

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